girls playing basketball


It is very evident that the game of basketball is evolving.  With the advent of the space and pace philosophy and the high level of skill work that goes into player development, the game has almost become position-less.  The days of playing point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center are over.  You are now a guard, a wing, a post, or a specialist. Our Summer Workout Session is designed to provide a training program that introduces and reinforces a skill set that is becoming more and more prevalent. As players get older, they will be more likely to be faced playing for a coach who has embraced a space and pace philosophy. With the game becoming more up-tempo and players developing a wider array of skills, more coaches are willing to throw out the concept of positions and put their best five players on the floor.

Welcome to the era of position-less basketball.

At the lower levels, all players up to sixth grade should be taught the foundation of the game: shooting, passing/catching, ball handling, and triple threat work.  So often we see a kid in third grade that is the tallest in his or her class and he or she gets thrown on the block and is told to rebound and post up.  The only development he or she gets is the Mikan drill.  Then, by eighth grade, he or she is no longer the tallest player and the love of the game is gone because he or she can no longer compete with everyone else as they have evolved their skill sets.

Our Workout Sessions focus on all the foundational skills that a player  should develop in order to reach their potential. Whether it is proper crossover technique, reverse pivoting around the basket, reverse layups or dribble handoffs, players will be introduced to all the fundamentals they will need to become a well-rounded player.

All of sessions include scrimmaging that is player based. We use scrimmages for two reasons:

  1. To allow players to practice new skill sets in a game situation. Coaches will track individual players to ensure their game is progressing
  2. Players love to play – We scrimmage for a portion of every workout. This gives players an opportunity to experiment without the fear of making mistakes.